Puri Duangga Mountain hike

We start our walk from the market of Sidemen where the local people sell home grown crops such as coconut, coffee, clove, and various kinds of local fruits. We walk up the steep hill path behind the village through the local farmland where they grow coffee, vanilla, snake fruit, clove, bananas and other local produce. The crops grow well in the rich volcanic soil. The great eruption of mount Agung in the 1963 must have imparted lots of fertility to the soil apart from the terrible damage it did to the island. We make a few stops along the way while enjoying the spectacular view over the great volcano, green rice paddies, the local villages and the great Indian Ocean. As we walk through the snake fruit farm we have to be careful to avoid the sharp thorns that grow all over the trees .

We arrive at a little shrine where a local friend places little offering to pray for safety of our hike to the top, as it is considered to be a sacred mountain by the locals. We rest a bit where suddenly our friend points out a lively group of monkeys jumping over the bush on the other side of the hill. They are believed to be the guards of the holy temple on the summit of the mountain. Unfortunately we cannot get close to them, unlike the Monkey forest where we can even feed them.

Our hike continues through the snake fruit farm to the top of Duangga Hill. We rest again by a small temple at the summit, enjoying the great panorama over the ocean. Mount Rinjani, in neighboring Lombok, is hugged by white clouds like pure balls of white cotton while further off, the island of Nusa Penida can be clearly seen in the distance. We take a rest for about 15 minutes before continuing our hike to the other top of the mountain where we can view Candidasa beach and Mount Agung.

We relax around the temple for another 15 minutes and then continue our hike down the northern side of the mountain passing the local farmhouses. We meet a local farmer where we buy some snake fruit picked right from the tree. The fresh fruit gives us renewed energy to follow the dirt track down. The local people walk easily up and down the steep terrain while carrying heavy loads on their heads. These everyday feats of balance and strength never cease to amaze my clients. Along the way we see women getting water from the hillside mountain spring for drinking and cooking. We reach the bamboo forest and walk through it for about 20 minutes before we get to the main road of Iseh village where our driver is patiently waiting for us. The village of Iseh was once chosen as a place to live by the German painter Walter Spies. It is a beautiful village with spectacular views of the rice terraces, river, and Mount Agung. We sit under the canopy of the bamboo forest and enjoy our cold drinks. It was fantastic hike and even if it was a bit strenuous, no one complains.

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